Orcid & Profiles

OrciD & Profiles

Researchers at Lincoln are encouraged to register for an ORCID, and those with an employment contract should also link this to the institutional implementation here, this allows the University to act as a trusted partner.  You can check this has been done successfully as the University of Lincoln should appear be listed as a ‘Trusted partner’ in the ‘Account settings’ tab of your ORCID profile.

If your work is in the Lincoln Repository you can export the records to your ORCID profile

Advice for managing your public profiles

Pick a name and stick with it (we understand you might need to change your name, or use other names; we might be able to help you keep your information together if this applies to you)

Check Scopus (and other systems) have represented you correctly, connect your identities with the Scopus “Connect to ORCID” wizard

Change your affiliation when you move between institutions

Always use the correct attribution (including ‘University of Lincoln’)

Have one ORCID account, and link to it and use it wherever possible

Deposit work in the Institutional Repository and take advice on how to populate other databases from this

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