The Lincoln Repository

The Lincoln Repository holds a record of the work of the institution.  It also populates staff profiles, and helps support the Institution’s Open Access policy, and the HEFCE Policy on Open Access which enables the work to be assessed in REF exercises.

Please go to the repository home page to log in and make records of your work.  For assistance please contact or refer to the help guide.


All articles deposited should comply with the HEFCE Policy on Open Access, and, where applicable, the research funders’ policies

Our advice is to deposit an author’s accepted manuscript (after peer-review but before publisher’s final formatting) as soon as possible after acceptance; remember to fill in the acceptance date.  We’ll double-check the policy and get back to you if we need a different document.

To check which document you may archive, and if an embargo is required go to

Exporting Work from the Lincoln Repository

You can export your work from the Lincoln Repository in a number of forms.  First find it with the creator browse, or with a search.  There is a drop-down box near the top left where you can choose the format to export, for example Bibtex to put into another system, or HTML Citations to produce a clickable list to paste into a CV or other document.

When you look at a record, the link looks like this,  The number at the end is the eprint ID.

If your work is in a database or other repository it may be possible to import your work to the Lincoln Repository, click the buttons below for guidelines on importing your work:

*   – Newsflash!

4th October – The Royal Society no longer require an embargo on accepted documents deposited in the Repository, but this does not apply retrospectively.

26th September 2017 Emerald no longer require an embargo on accepted documents deposited in the repository, this also applies retrospectively, All affected documents have been made open.  *

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