Research Data Management

Research Data Management

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Research Data Management services are under development to ensure compliance with institutional and funders’ policies (such as these), and to facilitate easier and better planning, saving and sharing of research data.

Researchers are encouraged to make a Data Management Plan with DMP Online and share it with their co-investigators, staff supporting their bid and the Research Information team.

Research data should be deposited as type dataset in the Institutional Repository at  Data that is placed there will be indexed automatically in the UK Research Data Discovery Service (UKRDDS) at

We have a number of external links that may be useful, but please bear in mind that the University of Lincoln doesn’t control this content


  • Journal Open Data policies
  • From Jisc – How and why you should manage your research data: a guide for researchers
  • Mantra Research Data Management training

Data Management Planning

  • Data management guides produced by other UK institutions
  • Research Data Management open training materials
  • Information about metadata from the University of Edinburgh
  • Rubrics with compliance advice for completion of the Data Management Planning templates for AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRCWellcome and Horizon2020

Data Repositories to store your data

You should make a record of your data in the Lincoln Repository, whether you choose to store the data there or somewhere else:

Directories to search for data

  • Datacite searchable directory of research data repositories
  • UK Research Data Discovery Service (Jisc project pilot)
  • Business and Local Government Data Research Centre data sources

Funder Specific Information

  • Guidance for ESRC researchers, from the UK Data Archive, and UK Data Archive (2011). Managing and sharing data: best practice for researchers; third edition
  • NIHR Study Support Service
  • Funders’ guidance, and some sample plans, from the University of Cambridge
  • Business and Local Government Data Research Centre data sources
  • The British Academy guidance makes it a condition of award that all digital resources resulting from an award are placed in an appropriately accessible repository.  Recent applicants (Oct 2017) have reported that the wording would require the data to be shared during the research, rather than after it.  This has been clarified: “The aim of the stipulation is to cause applicants to strongly consider their data preparation and sharing strategies throughout the project, and not just to leave all such consideration to the last minute. … it may well be possible, after due processing, for some applicants to share data while their project is still ongoing.”

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